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January 30, 2012 at 1:32am


THIS moments for women in comics →

Aaand, while I’m up and full of tea and have no real intentions of going to bed, this is a really excellent tumblr and anyone with an interest in the portrayal of women in comics (or indeed, in any aspect of popular culture) should follow it. 

While I like reading the debate about how women are presented and treated in comics, it often makes me very frustrated and tired, because it feels like there is a constant stream of negativity directed at an industry that - at the end of the day - I love and am highly invested it in. Not to say that there aren’t things that people absolutely need to get angry about and that identifying negative things isn’t a valid response, but it is tiring and often thankless process.

I like celebrating comics and I think it’s great to highlight all the moments (and there are plenty!) where women are strong, three-dimensional characters. It shows it can be done, that it is in no way adversely affects sales (thank you, Batwoman and Wonder Woman) and that overt sexism isn’t a necessary trope of the superhero industry (an argument I’ve heard a disturbing amount of times.) In conclusion, this is a great idea and I am definitely going to make a submission or two!

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